Welcome to our family

This is a place where you can find information you can trust, and understanding, as you care for your seriously ill child. Families who are caring for a seriously ill child have developed CaringTogether.life to help others walking a similar path. Caring for your child may at times feel overwhelming and lonely. We want you to know that you aren’t alone. We are here for you.

The families who developed CaringTogether.life worked with childrens’ health specialists who support families like yours every day. You will meet some of these families and specialists in video clips you’ll see throughout the site. They know that while each family and each health situation is unique, there are common experiences that many families face. They share their experiences and suggestions for what may be helpful.

There is no instruction manual for caring for your child. There is no right or wrong way: there is only your way and what works for your child, you and your family. You may be doubting whether you are doing enough, doing it right, or how you’ll make it through. We are here to help you sort through decisions, find practical suggestions and resources, and learn from others’ experiences.

We invite you to share your stories by contributing blogposts and building a community of support as we continue CaringTogether.life.

The CaringTogether.life team